The Evidence Is In.

Actionable, patient-specific decision support.
Available, at last, right within your workflow.
Empowered by EvidenceCare. Informed by MCG.

Put clinical decision support fueled with admission indications in the hands of your providers directly within your EHR.

EvidenceCare is a clinical decision support tool created by an emergency room physician to help providers deliver the right care to every patient they treat. Patient-specific, actionable evidence-based treatment recommendations are presented at the bedside, in as little as 30 seconds. And now informed by MCG.

Designed for the way physicians work, EvidenceCare walks providers through a series of considerations and rules that define appropriate care and illustrate risks related to decisions made. And with Admission Criteria, informed by MCG, providers now have full visibility into the patient’s indications for observation, inpatient or ICU bed status. Better clinical documentation around bed status means fewer denials, appropriate revenue realization, and more efficient care management.

What EvidenceCare Can Do For You

Build Trust

Stratify patients accurately by navigating clinical protocols to obtain immediate treatment recommendations tailored to each patient, improving quality-of-care and mitigating potential adverse events.

Reduce Risk

Reduce variability, achieve compliance standards, and provide clinical efficiency with instant access to evidence-based information where and when you need it. The results include better patient outcomes and reducing readmissions.

Improve Performance

Adopting an evidence-based decision support into your daily clinical workflow significantly impacts the quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the care you provide your patients. 

Enhance Workflow

Seamlessly integrate documentation with your existing EHR to enhance provider workflow, improve performance and strengthen quality measures.

Enterprise Solutions

EvidenceCare’s Enterprise Solution is tailored to meet the needs of your clinical workflow processes by fully integrating with your EHR, including seamless clinical documentation and actionable order sets. Hospitals can easily create customized content and formularies and receive robust utilization reporting and benchmarking.