As a provider, your goal is to care for each patient as an individual. That’s why you tailor treatment plans for your patients based on your expertise, trusted guidance, and belief that your resources are current and accurate.

New answers are found every day. Find them yourself in 30 seconds.

Physician designed and based on real-world experience in the field of medicine; content is organized by protcols, quickly guiding you through a series of considerations and rules that define actionable treatment recommendations. We provide the evidence so you can provide the care.

Critical Physician Resource. World-Class Patient Care.

Improve Workflows

Actionable recommendations– designed by an ER physician. EvidenceCare complements your workflow by presenting evidence, resources, and tools precisely when you need them, and specific to each patient.

Reduce Time to Treatment

Every second counts. Providers can intelligently filter evidence-based protocols and access resources (Antibiotic Guide, etc.) right at the point of care, ensuring timely care treatment.

Personalize Patient Care

Involve patients and families in the decision-making process by sharing easy-to-read, easy-to-digest education materials. Patients will feel empowered to actively engage in their care plans, leading to positive outcomes and overall patient satisfaction.