Hospitals & Clinics

When treating patients across care settings, Providers are challenged with trying to make the best care decisions, often in an instant. Each patient is unique and presents a set of challenges that are not solved with the current tools on the market. A lack of convenient resources results in only 20% of care decisions being evidence-based, leaving your organization at significant risk for poor patient outcomes, inability to control costs, and risk of noncompliance with federally-regulated quality measures.

EvidenceCare delivers patient focused evidence-based guidelines in a manner that is easy for your Providers to access at the point of care. Our detailed pathways have been curated by the industry’s foremost experts and are presented based on the unique factors of the patient. Our patent pending technology works independently or can be integrated with your EMR to enhance the workflow of your Providers, allowing them to risk stratify their patients accurately, and obtain treatment recommendations that are specific to their patient’s condition.  In addition, we present data in a graphical format that is easy to share with patients, allows them to understand their treatment course, and enhances their experience.

Our Enterprise solution allows you to leverage our rich content base and provides you with the resources to easily create custom content unique to your organization. In addition, we offer multiple ways to integrate documentation with your EMR to enhance your provider workflow, deliver evidence-based documentation to your system, and provide rich outcome and utilization reporting.

We allow healthcare institutions the ability to offer EvidenceCare to your Providers, tailored to the specific needs of your hospital or clinic. At EvidenceCare, we provide the evidence, so you can provide the care. The results?

  • Faster, more confident decision making
  • Solid foundation for shared decision making
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction
  • Better adherence to hospital quality measures
  • Fewer unnecessary tests and wasted resources
  • Reduced overall cost

Our leading guideline experts have prepared pathways to equip your Providers to handle the conditions they face the most in your hospital or clinic, including protocols for top Hospital Acquired Conditions that may put you at risk. In addition, we offer a comprehensive Antibiotic Guide that can be customized with your formularies and pricing.

Contact us now to learn how we can arm your clinical team with the latest evidence, resources and support.