NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Nashville-based healthcare tech firm EvidenceCare, an innovative software company in the new Clinical Revenue Cycle Optimization (CRCO) sector, announced today the close of the company’s Series A round of funding and a major investment from Nashville-based venture firm Jumpstart Capital (JSC). The Series A round, which opened in late 2018 and was extended to $5 million due to investor demand, fueled the company’s efforts to integrate into the nation’s largest EHR technology solutions. Jumpstart Capital infused an additional $2.3 million as a strategic investor with the network power to accelerate sales efforts into major health systems across the U.S.

Healthcare technology veteran and Jumpstart Capital Managing Director Dave Vreeland recognized the immediate gap EvidenceCare fills for hospitals.

“Like much of the Nashville investment community, Jumpstart Capital has been watching EvidenceCare for quite some time,” said Vreeland. “EvidenceCare has created a category that artfully bridges key elements of a hospital’s operations, including serving vital clinical and revenue cycle functions. Jumpstart prides itself on identifying market innovators and infusing the capital and resources to expedite growth.”

EvidenceCare was conceived by emergency medicine physician Brian Fengler in 2014 to solve a fundamental need of healthcare providers to be able to access evidence-based treatment recommendations within their clinical workflow that are patient-focused and that drive quality care, patient safety and reduced care variation. Today the company partners with industry leading organizations and medical societies to provide reliable and easy-to-access content to more than 5,000 providers in areas such as emergency medicine, gastroenterology, urgent care and antibiotic stewardship. Their recent partnership with MCG, one of the most relied-upon resources to ensure an appropriate level of care decision when patients are being admitted to the hospital, supports providers in making better care decisions for patients and helps reduce costly denials for hospitals.

EvidenceCare CEO and co-founder, Dr. Brian Fengler, shared the company’s near-term efforts in putting EvidenceCare in the hands of more providers nationwide.

“Our recent funding positions us to propel our efforts with regard to our EHR-integrated solution for hospitals,” said Fengler. “We have had enormous demand for our solution with some of the largest health systems in the country. Having the resources to expedite the technology requirements for EHR-integration and implementation is vital to ensuring customer success.”

EvidenceCare, which has recently been validated by EHR powerhouse Cerner, is currently available in the Cerner Marketplace. The company’s first Cerner customer, MedStar Health, goes live this month. The company’s funding allows for additional strategic hires in technology, customer success and business development to handle the impending growth. In addition, the company has invested in marketing technology resources to ensure a positive user experience and fuel adoption.

Vreeland joins EvidenceCare’s board of directors, which includes Fengler, EvidenceCare COO Jim Jamieson, MedStar Health’s innovation leader, Bill Sheehan, Ensemble Health Partner’s CEO Judson Ivy and Dr. Don Lazas, founder of Nashville-based healthcare angel investment firm NueCura.

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About EvidenceCare

Nashville-based EvidenceCare is a clinical decision support publishing platform designed by emergency physician Dr. Brian Fengler. Unlike any tool on the market, EvidenceCare integrates with a hospital’s EHR to provide clinicians with access to patient-specific, evidence-based treatment recommendations at the bedside as part of their existing workflow. The company’s proprietary content publishing platform is delivering protocols authored by industry-leading experts to healthcare clinicians worldwide. To learn more, visit

About Jumpstart Capital

Based in Nashville, Jumpstart Capital is a unique healthcare growth capital platform focused on identifying, funding, and supporting high growth, innovative healthcare companies across the United States. Leading companies funded by Jumpstart Capital include: Healthy Bytes, Optimize, Health, Reemo Health, Menud, Higi, SimplifyASC, and Life Detection Technologies. For more information, visit