NASHVILLE, Tenn. — EvidenceCare, a Nashville-based healthcare tech startup, announced this week the official issuance of the company’s SOC 2 report, marking its dedication to security and privacy of user information.

For tech companies, a SOC 2 report is an important indication of trustworthiness and proper handling of customer information. For those working in healthcare and handling personal health information, it is particularly imperative that they meet the criteria of the SOC 2 trust service principles when managing customer data.

The report issuance comes after months of intensive security protocol development and audit. The audit checks how a company’s procedures address not only security but also availability and confidentiality of any customer information the company stores. As a clinical decision support tool designed for clinicians to use at the bedside, EvidenceCare’s SOC 2 report indicates strict adherence to the rules and protocols set up for handling doctors’ as well as patients’ information.

EvidenceCare was conceived to solve a fundamental need for healthcare providers to find and quickly digest the latest treatment guidelines. In 2016, the company launched its technology platform and currently has a variety of protocols for emergency medicine, antibiotic stewardship, gastroenterology and more, with content accredited by the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American College of Gastroenterology for CME credit. In addition, the platform integrates a patient education tool that enhances the dialogue providers have with their patients and a feature that accelerates documentation into any EHR.

EvidenceCare Security Officer and Chief Technology Officer Howard Bright led the work towards compliance. He said the report issuance is particularly important as the company moves towards integrating content with electronic health record systems.

“Our biggest project right now is integrating with hospital and clinic EHRs, meaning we’re about to have a large influx of user and patient data,” Bright said. “Our SOC 2 report indicates to those working with us and using our tool that we are dedicated to and serious about keeping their information private and secure. Particularly with the sensitive nature of health records, we are excited to have this report to assure our customers and users they can trust us with their information.”

About EvidenceCare

Nashville-based EvidenceCare is a clinical decision support content platform designed by emergency physician Dr. Brian Fengler. EvidenceCare provides clinicians with access to patient-specific, evidence-based treatment recommendations at the bedside and within their workflow. The tool’s Enterprise version integrates within providers’ EHR workflows to improve the quality of care and reduce care variation. Launched in July 2016, the company’s proprietary content publishing platform delivers protocols authored by industry-leading experts to healthcare clinicians worldwide. To learn more, visit