EvidenceCare Founder and CEO Brian Fengler, MD was recently featured on the ACEP Frontline podcast with Dr. Ryan Stanton.

The March 5, 2018 episode discussed the issues surrounding evidence-based information and medicine, its future and how EvidenceCare is playing a role. From EHR integration to the moment he realized the need for EvidenceCare as a tool, Dr. Fengler shared his insights from the perspective of both a CEO and Emergency Physician.

“When you are actually at the point of care making decisions that are going to drive your clinical decision-making and your orders, you do not want to be accessing the encyclopedia of medicine,” Fengler said. “You want to be accessing something specific to the patient that is sitting in front of you and that allows you to execute that very quickly.”

Fengler said EvidenceCare is the specific, quick tool providers like him have been looking for. Incorporating world-expert authors,  EHR integration for patient-specific information and an easy-to-use interface, Fengler hopes EvidenceCare will help providers across all care settings improve their workflow and personalize their care to each patient.

To sign up for the free tool, visit their website here.
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