During his residency at the University of Virginia, EvidenceCare CEO and Founder, Dr. Brian Fengler spent more than a year researching and writing the industry’s treatment protocol for pulmonary embolisms. Shortly after completing his research, he was faced with a situation in the ER that he didn’t know how to treat but should have been perfectly equipped for…a pregnant woman with a massive pulmonary embolism. He knew the protocol to treat the patient, but was not clear on how that protocol would affect her unborn child. After a half-hour of combing through pages of research and broad guidelines, he was still unable to determine the risk to her baby. This experience served as the impetus for him to design a tool that provides support for complex situations such as the one he faced years ago. He knew that Providers needed more than just access to information, they needed information that is specific to each patient’s certain set of conditions. That is exactly why EvidenceCare was created, to equip every healthcare Provider with the most up-to-date evidence-based medicine in a way that’s easily digestible and fast enough for a doctor working in the Emergency Room. As fate would have it years later, Fengler was faced with this exact condition again but was able to use EvidenceCare to not only uncover the best treatment for her but to also bring piece of mind to the patient and her family that they were making the right choice..  Case study