EvidenceCare CEO and Founder, Dr. Brian Fengler presents at the Direct Impact Investment Conference hosted at Vanderbilt University on March 1. Introduced by Don Lazas, MD, one of EvidenceCare’s Board of Advisors, Fengler’s talk focused around the impact EvidenceCare plans to make in all aspects of the healthcare landscape.

The conference presenters were all focused on companies that plan to make a measurable difference in our communities in 5 sectors: Climate (Energy/Environment), Healthcare, Basic Needs (Food/Water/Clothing/Shelter), Quality of Life, and Community. Among these startups, EvidenceCare really stood out with their vision to improve care by focusing on what Providers need and how that in turn will impact payers, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions.

CEO and Founder Brian Fengler, MD, introduces EvidenceCare to the audience and speaks how it can bridge the gap that exists today in evidence-based care.