April 10, 2018

Brian Fengler, MD – MEDHOST at HIMSS18


EvidenceCare Founder and CEO Brian Fengler, MD spent some time in the MEDHOST podcast lounge at HIMSS 2018. Fengler talked about the two questions he seeks to answer when considering healthcare tech, giving insight into the thought process and goal behind EvidenceCare.

March 6, 2018

Brian Fengler, MD – ACEP Frontline

ACEP Frontline

Our founder and CEO, Brian Fengler, MD, was recently featured on the ACEP Frontline podcast with Dr. Ryan Stanton. In this episode, Dr. Fengler discussed the issues surrounding evidence-based information and medicine, where he sees it going in the future, and how EvidenceCare is playing a role. From EHR integration to the moment he realized the need for EvidenceCare as a tool, Dr. Fengler shared his insights from the perspective of both a CEO and Emergency Physician.

February 2, 2017

Dr. Matt Fields- Pulse Episode 14

Matt Fields, MD, ACEP

Emergency Room Physician
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and
Ultrasounds Director at Thomas Jefferson University

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