According to a recent article by one of our favorites, KevinMD, healthcare professionals today have a waning sense of empathy for the patients they serve. While that is a tough pill to swallow, it’s true. With staff shortages and ever-decreasing budgets, there are more and more demands on clinicians’ time that fall outside of actual patient care. You are distracted. You are overworked. And, quite frankly, you are tired.

As the article points out, happier providers are happier to treat their patients, leading to higher patient satisfaction scores, better outcomes, and an increased likelihood that patients follow their doctor’s treatment plan. So, how do we make providers happier? That is the question facing hospitals, clinics, and practice groups across the country.

We agree with KevinMD; it starts by putting the care back in healthcare. That is precisely why we developed EvidenceCare. Created by an ER doctor, EvidenceCare puts the latest, most accurate, and patient-specific clinical decision support in the clinician’s hands, when you need it most. We did it so you don’t have to spend time searching the web for answers that may or may not apply to the patient in front of you.

We have embedded the calculators you use the most so they are there when you need them. And, we save you hours by documenting the clinical encounter in seconds and including all the clinical citations and decisions you’ve made along the way. You see, it’s our mission to give you more time to spend with patients – or, dare we say, a moment for lunch.

You chose the medical profession because you wanted to care for patients. We have created EvidenceCare because we want to care for you. So much so, that we offer our tool to you for free. Crazy, right? It’s true.

Click here to learn more about the other great features of EvidenceCare, including our integrated Antibiotic Advisor with local pricing and discount coupons for patients and an incredible care summary for patients that provides patient-specific information regarding your diagnosis and care decisions, leaving them feeling empowered and involved in the decisions being made about their healthcare – and loving you.

EvidenceCare saves clinicians time and energy, allowing you to spend more time and resources to relate and discuss with patients. This drives up patient satisfaction. And, the fact that it’s evidence-based drives better outcomes and reduces risk too. You can sign up for your free account in seconds here.

We agree with KevinMD’s article. It’s time to put the care back in healthcare. We like to put the evidence in that care.