The Leading Clinical Decision Support System Built with Clinicians in Mind

How might care delivery improve with the digital delivery of interactive, integrated, personalized evidence incorporated directly into workflow?

Transforming Care Delivery

The time has come for evidence to impact care delivery in real-time.

Content is just one part of active clinical decision support. To make a difference, evidence must be curated, personalized and delivered into the care process connecting to clinicians and patients in a meaningful manner. Developed with advanced smart technology, the algorithm driven platform allows for true integration into the EHR and clinical workflows.

Pathway Builder Supports

Communicating an organization approach to a condition or med preference

Rapid standardization and easy curation and maintenance of pathways

An opportunity to commercialize intellectual property to a national audience

How It Works

Once a patient is diagnosed, via a single sign-on feature within the EHR a pathway is launched for any condition incorporating real patient context

The system pulls in information about the patient from the EHR filling in the current medical status such age, condition, vitals, labs, medications etc

Through a series of interactive questions, including easy-to-use, relevant risk calculators offering risk stratification, a recommendation is provided regarding the necessity of admitting the patient versus the risk of sending them home

The system allows for mapping of all orders and clinical documentation saved to the progress note as well generating an assessment plan and easy to understand patient content

The Pathway Builder Self Authoring Tool

With Pathway Builder, health systems are able to launch internally developed pathways quickly and efficiently. Pathway Builder is a significant differentiator offering the flexibility to combine external and internal evidence to meet compliance requirements, safety initiatives and validate to payers a reduction in treatment variation.

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