Launch Internally Developed Pathways Quickly and Easily

A sophisticated authoring tool, aptly named Pathway Builder offers health systems and healthcare delivery organizations the capability to develop, implement and commercialize their own pathways.

The Pathway Builder Self Authoring Tool

Pathway Builder is a significant differentiator offering the flexibility to combine external and internal evidence to meet compliance requirements, safety initiatives and validate to payers a reduction in treatment variation.

The Pathway Builder Model Supports

Validating to payers that particular evidence-based pathways are being utilized quantifying adherence and reduction in treatment variation

Making clinicians aware of the desired organizational approach to a particular condition, as well as, resource and medication preference

The ability to configure the process to the facility or health system

Rapidly standardizing treatment pathways across a large organization footprint and makes curation and maintenance simple

How It Works

The EvidenceCare Platform model is based on a collaboration of innovative healthcare systems from across the country anxious to identify a solution to transform their own clinical content from PDFs or other antiquated platforms, to interactive pathways integrated directly into clinicians’ EHR workflow. Participating in the commercialization process creates opportunity to work closely with other national leaders to ensure the rapid transition of evidence into the best patient care

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