Deb brings more than twenty-five years of world-class experience to her role as Chief Experience Officer. Deb has demonstrated her ability to build, manage, and support teams across many different industries and brings a level of passion and enthusiasm to every project she works on. For nearly a decade, Deb’s focus has been on propelling young and high-growth companies in the business of healthcare. Her experience, knowledge, and success in hospital revenue cycle and patient and physician engagement provides EvidenceCare with a solid strategic foundation.

Deb worked alongside EvidenceCare’s own Jim Jamieson, as the Corporate Vice President of Marketing for EnableComp during the company’s early stages. Together, they were able to more than double the company’s sales while expanding the company’s footprint nationwide.

Deb lives in Franklin, Tennessee. As a proud parent of two successful (and quite brilliant) sons, she has been known to offer “helpful suggestions” to umpires and referees at all levels. She currently shares her skills at a national level while cheering on her son, who was recently drafted into the Tampa Bay Rays organization.