The ROI of Clinical Decision Support

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Expert Guidance That Works How You Work

EvidenceCare delivers instantly accessible evidence-based clinical knowledge at the point of care. Providers and healthcare organizations now have a trusted resource to inform treatment decisions, strengthen patient relationships, and improve outcomes.


Expertly curated protocols by the industry’s leading physicians deliver precise, patient-specific evidence and guidelines to support clinical decision-making processes.

Easy-to-read content helps providers effectively communicate their treatment plans, making it possible for shared decision-making with patients and their families.

Designed by an emergency medicine physician, the most current medical content is delivered quickly in a format that is easily consumable at the bedside.

Optimizing Your Providers’ Workflow


EvidenceCare streamlines consulting Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) for advanced imaging so that providers can meet requirements under the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA). Because we believe that adhering to AUC consultation requirements shouldn’t interrupt a provider’s workflow.


With our Admission Criteria, informed by MCG, providers now have full visibility into the patient’s indications for observation, inpatient, or ICU bed status. Better clinical documentation around bed status means fewer denials, appropriate revenue realization, and a more efficient care management.

Decision support you can trust

“I don’t know of any other products that are so practical and evidence-based. This is outstanding and will help from a risk management standpoint.”

I am certain that this protocol yields the latest evidence since it is reviewed and updated by experts in their field.”

EvidenceCare is far more interactive and fluid than other programs. It allows providers to use both clinical judgment and validated decision tools.”