Frequently Asked Questions

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Is EvidenceCare fully integrated in the EHR?

Yes, our products are bidirectional tools integrated directly in the clinician’s EHR workflows to increase the value to the clinician. We synchronize data, notes, orders, etc. in the EHR, minimizing the work and time the clinician has to spend there and maximizing the time they have with their patients.

Is EvidenceCare available within my EHR?

EvidenceCare has multiple point-of-care products that deliver timely and relevant content to providers directly within their EHR workflow. We are constantly adding our software to more EHRs but currently most of our products are available within Epic, Cerner, T-System, and Meditech environments. The EvidenceCare sales team is happy to discuss your specific integration needs.

How long does it take to access the information?

We know your time is extremely valuable, and it’s especially critical when treating patients. Each of our solutions take only a matter of seconds to interact with.

How are you different from other clinical decision support systems?

Other CDS systems or tools require extra login/password credentials and/or require the user to leave the EHR access the information. Some are simply using digitized PDFs or Vizio flow diagrams for their guidelines or pathways.

EvidenceCare is embedded directly into clinicians’ workflow in the EHR to identify care gaps and help with appropriate order entry. Our platform allows clinicians to traverse through evidence-based protocols and pathways ensuring they only spend time where they need to for a specific patient.

I don’t like tools that force cookie-cutter treatment approaches … What about the art of medicine?

Good news! We don’t either… We design our software to be non-invasive and support clinicians; not take away their ultimate decision-making.

It’s impossible for any clinician to keep up with the constantly evolving evidence and be sure of how to apply it to each unique patient. Our software helps clinicians by cognitively offloading essential information to highlight gaps and enable them to deliver the best care to their patients.

Where in the EHR are the notes from EvidenceCare documented?

EvidenceCare can configure this for each individual client. We usually synchronize documentation into the Assessment and Plan section of a Progress Note or H&P.

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