Frequently Asked Questions

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How does EvidenceCare work?




We make it easy for providers to access evidence-based medicine tailored specifically for each patient. Information can be accessed in a few simple steps:

  • Select a content area from our home page 
  • Select the protocol specific to the patient you are treating
  • Answer a series of questions to unveil the recommended treatments for your patient 


How long does it take to access the information?


We know your time is extremely valuable, and it is especially critical when treating a patient in an urgency situation. We have created each protocol to take only a matter of seconds to complete. You can have evidence-based decision support tailored specifically for your patient in a little as 30 seconds.

Is EvidenceCare available within my EHR?


EvidenceCare is a point-of-care tool that delivers timely and relevant content to providers directly within their EHR workflow. We are currently available within the Cerner, EPIC and T-System environments. The EvidenceCare sales team is happy to discuss integrated with your hospital’s EHR.


Can I trust the content in each protocol?


Each protocol has been developed by the leading expert in their respective field of medicine and uses only proven evidence-based therapies. Content is always reliable and updated on an as-needed basis.

How can I become an EvidenceCare Expert?


EvidenceCare is constantly building our content to meet the needs of providers. To inquire about participating as an Expert in your specific area of expertise, please contact us at

How is EvidenceCare different than other tools on the market today?

EvidenceCare is the only evidence-based decision support tool that presents information curated for the specific patient you are treating. Our information has been carefully vetted, presented, and continually updated by leading subject matter experts. Unlike other tools are encyclopedic in nature, EvidenceCare information is graphically presented in an easy-to-understand format…right when you need it most.

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