Our Story

Giving providers and healthcare systems a trusted, evidence-based clinical knowledge resource tool is the core of what EvidenceCare delivers. Physician-designed, the platform works across all devices to deliver information in a way that enhances the care process for patients and providers.

“Patients expect their provider to get the answer right every time. As an ER physician, I realized early on that even the best-trained physician can’t know everything. I created EvidenceCare to put information my peers need to make the right decision, in their hands when they need it most.”

Brian Fengler, MD
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Every patient deserves the right care… every single time.

As a resident at The University of Virginia, Dr. Brian Fengler authored a treatment protocol on Pulmonary Embolisms. Despite being an expert in the field, he was at a loss when faced with a 36-week pregnant patient suffering from a massive pulmonary embolism. Although he knew exactly what she needed, he did not know how the treatment would affect her unborn baby, and was unable to quickly find the answer he needed.

Like 80% of the decisions made in healthcare, Dr. Fengler was forced to make a snap decision without the benefit of evidence. While it resulted in both a healthy mother and baby, the experience left him acutely aware of the massive gap in evidence-based information available to providers when they need it most. Providers and their patients deserve the assurance that the right care is delivered at the right time, every time. He created EvidenceCare to help do just that.

With a team of healthcare-industry veterans, Dr. Fengler designed a clinical decision support tool that would equip every type of clinician with the tools, evidence and research they need to make safe and accurate decisions for each individual patient. He aligned with industry-leading experts to author protocols that curate all the necessary information into only what is relevant to the patient. And to deliver that content at the bedside in as little as 30 seconds.

Today, EvidenceCare gives provider worldwide the fastest, most credible patient-specific clinical support tool available

Powered by an innovative team that brings unique perspectives and skillsets, we are steadfastly committed to excellence.