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Why Use AdmissionCare?

  • Appropriate bed status for patients requiring hospitalization
  • Reduces denials and secondary level reviews
  • Decrease UR interruptions and peer-to-peers

The patient status order classifies the acuity of the patient. The admitting provider is responsible to order the correct bed status and provide documentation to support the level of care. By utilizing AdmissionCare at the time of admission, you can “get it right” upfront and avoid subsequent rework.

Quick Start

Tips & Tricks

INPT vs OBS Bed Status: PDF

Primary Diagnosis Selection: PDF

Documentation Tips: PDF

Recommended Workflow: PDF

How to Use MCG Content

Tips & Tricks

MCG – Types of Guidelines: PDF

MCG – Key Phrases within Guidelines: PDF

Additional Resources… for our high achievers 😉

Additional Tips & Tricks

Medicare Two Midnight Rule: PDF

Using AdmissionCare for OBS: PDF

Confirm not Suspected: PDF

Fractures: PDF

Clinical Scenarios

Afib with RVR: PDF

Asthma: PDF

Chest Pain: PDF



Dehydration: PDF

Elective Surgery: PDF

Clinical Scenarios (cont.)

Missed Hemodialysis: PDF

Sepsis – UTI Local Infection: PDF

Social Admission and General Observation: PDF

Syncope: PDF


Viral Illness (COVID): PDF

Benefits and Testimonials

The Benefits of AdmissionCare for Admitting Physicians

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