Training Materials

Why Use CareGauge?

  • Empower physicians with real-time data and insights within your EHR workflow.
  • Shows how a current patient’s care compares to historical patients at your hospital with the same condition.
  • Insights on utilization of imaging, labs, medications, procedures, as well as length-of-stay and costs of care.

Quick Start

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Tips & Tricks

How to Use: PDF

DRG Explanation: PDF


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Additional Tips & Tricks

Tip Sheets Here: PDF

Clinical Scenarios

Over utilization: PDF

Wrong DRG: PDF

Advanced Imaging on day of discharge: PDF

EHR Configuration

Epic Configuration:PDF

Meditech Magic Configuration:PDF

Benefits and Testimonials

CareGauge Product Explainer Video

Creating CareGauge with Dr. George Fidonecians

Founder’s Story – Creating CareGauge with Dr George Fidone