Bo Bartholomew

Chief Executive Officer

Samuel “Bo” Bartholomew is CEO of EvidenceCare and Managing Partner of Rockmont Investments. Bartholomew leads EvidenceCare’s effort to create the first ever Clinical Marketplace within the EHR for every healthcare provider to have real-time access to clinical best practices while treating patients. He also serves on the board of Healthcare Value Analytics, ProviderTrust, and OMNY Health with the goal of bringing healthcare’s next generation of technology to the forefront.

Prior to EvidenceCare, Bo was CEO and founder of PharmMD (now AdhereHealth), a leader in medication therapy management services. He served as chief revenue officer at Shearwater Health and has been a board member of numerous health tech ventures over the years. Bo also incubated a health advocacy company and a telemedicine physician access start-up company. He spent four years with HCA’s Executive Development program, where he helped build one of HCA’s newest hospitals and then managed HCA’s oldest hospital.

Bo earned his MBA from Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Management and has a Masters in Christian Studies from Regent College in Vancouver, BC and his undergraduate from Davidson College in North Carolina.