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Health Systems are tasked with balancing quality care with operational costs. Care variation reduction is a key part of achieving that balance.

At the core of this challenge is the fact that physician orders are the highest cost to hospitals, but physicians have no real time data to assist them in making the best care decisions.

Without access to this data, physicians run the risk of unnecessary variance which contributes to poor outcomes and higher cost to the patient and hospital.

That’s why EvidenceCare created CareGauge – a care variation reduction software.

The award-winning and patented CareGauge integrates seamlessly into the physician’s workflow in the EHR to present real time care utilization and cost information based on benchmarked treatment data.

While caring for patients who’ve been admitted to the hospital, CareGauge provides physicians a simple indicator to show utilization compared to historical patients at your health system with the same condition. If physicians want more detailed information, they can click on the indicator to reveal which types of orders are contributing to variation.

CareGauge essentially provides your physicians with a view into care utilization patterns to help minimize low value care and reduce unwarranted variation, conveniently located within the EHR.

This unmatched visibility puts physicians back in the driver’s seat to help them make the best care decisions for their patients. And it benefits the hospital as well, with significant reductions documented in cost per discharge and length of stay.

The foundation of any quality and safety program is the measurement of variance. Don’t rely on retrospective data to make an impact. Give physicians a tool that leads to change at the point of care.

CareGauge ensures your physicians are equipped with the best information and insights when it comes to the quality of care your health system provides.

To learn more about how your health system could be impacted by CareGauge, schedule a demo today!