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EvidenceCare has released a free Web solution to help clinicians in the trenches diagnose and treat COVID-19. The system is available to hospital systems, emergency room providers, urgent care companies, and telehealth providers actively interfacing with patients globally. Working with EBSCO/DynaMed, EB Medicine, the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), multiple hospital systems and other healthcare industry giants, EvidenceCare curated several pathways, turning massive amounts of information into digitized, consumable, and interactive pathways. These pathways help streamline the provider’s workflow by collating clinical documentation with each interaction and delivering the most current diagnosis and relevant treatment information available based on the patient’s presenting symptoms, severity, and comorbidity. The pathways will be updated in near real-time within the EvidenceCare CDSS as new information about the virus is discovered.

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Part 1

COVID-19: Treating to the Latest Evidence, A Collaborative Approach to Clinical Decision Support

Part 2

What’s New with the COVID-19 Pathways: An Update from ACEP and a presentation on Pediatric Inflammatory Disorder and COVID-19

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