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EvidenceCare Acquires Physician-focused Cost Transparency Platform Healthcare Value Analytics (HVA)

NASHVILLE, TN | August 4, 2021

EvidenceCare, an evidence-based clinical decision support system (CDSS) company, today announced its acquisition of Healthcare Value Analytics (HVA), another Nashville-based healthcare technology company focused on cost transparency tools for physicians.

With its growing suite of EHR-embedded products, EvidenceCare adds HVA’s technology solution to further its mission of creating an integrated platform that optimizes clinician workflows to deliver improved care, better outcomes, and increased hospital revenue.

Healthcare Value Analytics (HVA) History

HVA’s flagship patent-pending product ValueBar – rebranded as CareGauge under EvidenceCare’s software products – was the brainchild of Dr. George Fidone, a founding partner of The Children’s Clinic in Lufkin, Texas.

As both a physician and hospital board member, Dr. Fidone wrestled with the new reality in healthcare – physicians were being held responsible for the cost of care in hospital settings without clear insight into the economic impact of the decisions they were making.

“We always believed the physician should be the decision-maker on care,” said Founder Dr. Fidone. “But physicians were flying blind when it came to the cost of care, even though they are the main drivers of hospital revenue and costs.”

CareGauge provides zero-click transparency into real-time data that tells physicians if they are outliers in the treatments they provide – both in terms of cost and care.

“I’m thrilled to expand our reach with EvidenceCare and provide real-time, actionable insight made by physicians for physicians,” said Dr. Fidone.

EvidenceCare’s Acquisition of HVA

EvidenceCare develops physician support tools inspired by the vision of Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Brian Fengler.

“As an emergency physician, I found the lack of accessibility to evidence-based clinical guidance alarming, and my own patient experiences led me to create EvidenceCare,” said Dr. Fengler. “We are so excited to add CareGauge to our suite of products to continue giving doctors the visibility they need to deliver the best patient care.”

CEO of EvidenceCare, Bo Bartholomew, added, “We believe in physicians thriving and operating at their best, and we’re excited to have CareGauge within our suite of solutions to help combat physician burnout and rising hospital costs.”

“These two companies combined bring more real-time transparency and workflow optimization to care than exists in the market today,” remarked HVA President and COO, Kyle Duke, who will join EvidenceCare as Chief Information Officer.

About EvidenceCare

EvidenceCare is the leading clinical decision support system (CDSS) with an EHR-integrated platform that optimizes clinician workflows to deliver better patient care, reduce hospital costs, and capture more revenue. Founded in response to the professional experience of emergency physician Dr. Brian Fengler, the platform provides clinicians with evidence-based care and measurable outcomes. To learn more, visit

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