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This year, March 11-17 is Patient Safety Awareness Week. This week serves as the culmination of IHI’s annual United in Patient Safety campaign and provides a dedicated time to increase awareness of patient safety in the medical community and general public.

In May 2017, IHI merged with the National Patient Safety Foundation, maintaining the name IHI. The two organizations are now combining their efforts for this campaign and others surrounding patient safety around the world.

To celebrate patient safety this week, the campaign encourages providers to wear a patient gown over their regular attire in recognition that “we are all patients.” They also have daily ideas for how you and/or your team can participate in the week. These ideas include a Twitter chat, online discussion forum, and more.

EvidenceCare and Patient Safety

At EvidenceCare, one of our primary goals with our tool is to improve the provider/patient relationship. With patient education tools built directly into our interface, we strive to make it as easy as possible to give clinicians and patients alike the answers they need at the bedside. By communicating clearly with patients about their care plan and risks, EvidenceCare makes it easy for providers to share the best possible evidence-based treatment plans with their patients. As a result, patients feel at ease and share in the decisions being made about their healthcare. Our evidence-based protocols help prevent unnecessary treatment and tests for patients. This not only saves money, but it also keeps patients safer. To try out our free tool and improve your patient education, sign up here.
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