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Nashville, TN, originally published on EIN Presswire

Following the recent acquisition of Healthcare Value Analytics, EvidenceCare was awarded its first patent for its software, CareGauge, which provides physicians zero-click transparency into care utilization.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office assigned the patent number 11,056,237 which describes the technology as a processor-implemented method that creates care value baselines composed of health metric values for approved plans of care. Physicians can use these health metric values to compare their utilization to their peers’ data in the EHR cloud.

“We’re thrilled to see our investment in CareGauge pay off with the awarding of this patent,” said Bo Bartholomew, CEO of EvidenceCare. “CareGauge is a powerful tool that puts physicians back in the driver’s seat of care utilization and cost. The healthcare industry needs this type of technology to ensure better patient care without hurting the already small hospital margins.”

The patented technology of CareGauge produces real-time cost and variation data in the form of gauges directly in the EHR. This visibility gives physicians insight into peer-based care patterns and utilization. EvidenceCare has 3 additional pending patents for the technology behind CareGauge.

“Adding CareGauge to our suite of physician-focused products has proven to be beneficial for hospitals,” said Dr. Brian Fengler, Chief Medical Officer of EvidenceCare. “The key to improving healthcare delivery is real-time data at the point of care. It’s exciting to be bringing products to market that can have this type of meaningful impact.”

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