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Originally published at EIN Presswire.

Nashville, TN 
Monday, June 13, 2022 

As an ongoing commitment to improving its clinical platform, EvidenceCare recently formed its first Clinical Advisory Group. The group consists of various clinical and revenue cycle leaders and stakeholders in top health systems. 

The focus of this particular group is on EvidenceCare’s product, AdmissionCare, which integrates the bed status criteria needed to properly admit patients directly in the physician’s workflow in the EHR.  

The Clinical Advisory Group meets in-person and virtually on a quarterly basis with the goal of enhancing AdmissionCare through product feedback, future enhancements, and best practices. 

With a mission of optimizing clinical workflows in the EHR, EvidenceCare believes an acute focus on end-user experience and feedback is part of what makes our products solve cumbersome administrative problems for clinicians.  

“We’re creating products to solve outdated physician workflows and make their jobs easier,” said Dr. Brian Fengler, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at EvidenceCare. “With physician burnout at an all-time high, we want to be creating innovative products that physicians actually want to use. That’s why this group is essential to achieve that goal.” 

The following were the members of the initial Clinical Advisory Group who met in-person at the inaugural meeting in May 2022 at EvidenceCare’s office in Brentwood, TN. 

EvidenceCare Clinical Advisory Group

In order from left to right: 

  • Margaret Hayes – UR Nurse, Clinical Integration – EvidenceCare 
  • Carol Howard – VP, Clinical Revenue Cycle Integration – EvidenceCare 
  • Dr. Phillip Coule – VP, Chief Medical Officer – Augusta University Health 
  • Dr. Jeff Cheung – Chairman of Emergency Medicine – One Brooklyn Health  
  • Dr. Scott Mackey – Chief Medical Informatics Officer – Louisana Children’s Medical Center 
  • Dr. Julie Harrigan – Corporate VP of Physician Informatics – Ardent Health Services 
  • Bobby Cordier – Sr. Director of Product – EvidenceCare 
  • Dr. Brian Fengler – Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer – EvidenceCare 
  • Dr. Jamelle Bowers – Vice President of Medical Affairs – Mercy Health – Anderson Hospital 

Not pictured (full group): 

About EvidenceCare 

EvidenceCare is a unique clinical decision support system (CDSS) because of its EHR-integrated platform that optimizes clinician workflows to deliver better patient care, reduce hospital costs, and capture more revenue. Founded in response to the professional experience of emergency physician Dr. Brian Fengler, the platform provides clinicians with evidence-based care and measurable outcomes. To learn more, visit 

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