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Health Systems are struggling with tight margins and workforce challenges, and there’s a critical need to preserve revenue. One of the biggest contributors to lost revenue is inpatient bed status denials, due to medical necessity documentation.

As noted in one of our other articles, 40% of denied claims are caused by issues with medical necessity, authorizations, precertifications, medical documentation, or service coverage. One of the most overlooked areas is the Emergency Department.

Admitting physicians aren’t equipped to make proper bed status determinations and weren’t trained in medical school on the related criteria. This leads to improper determinations and gaps in documentation at the time of patient admission.

That’s why EvidenceCare created AdmissionCarea medical necessity documentation solution that integrates directly into the physician’s workflow in the EHR, providing evidence-based guidance for physicians to make the appropriate bed status determination.

AdmissionCare streamlines the admission process by putting the necessary criteria at the physician’s fingertips and automatically synchronizes the required medical necessity documentation into the medical record.

This improves efficiency for utilization management, reduces denials, and increases revenue.

Without AdmissionCare, physicians are constantly interrupted with phone calls, messages, and shoulder taps to fix bed status errors and gaps in documentation. These interruptions are taking physicians away from patient care.

By enabling them to determine the correct bed status at admission, AdmissionCare gets physicians back to caring for their patients, while at the same time improving the hospital’s finances. Your team deserves an integrated platform in the EHR that makes their job easier and fixes medical necessity issues at the source.

To learn more about how your health system could be impacted by AdmissionCare, schedule a demo today!