As founder and chief executive officer, Brian sets the vision and overall strategic direction for the company, while ensuring the provider is kept at the forefront. As an emergency room physician himself, Brian founded EvidenceCare to fill a recognized need among providers and in the healthcare community.

In addition to his role as CEO, Brian serves the company well as chief medical officer, working with every physician-author to ensure our medical content stays top-notch. He also oversees our technology team, championing the development of the most user-friendly platform that’s ever reached a provider’s pocket.

EvidenceCare isn’t Brian’s first endeavor. Prior to this, he served as a founding and managing partner of Physicians Urgent Care, PLLC, a thriving urgent care practice that has drastically improved the quality of care available for patients in the greater Nashville-area.

Originally from New York, Brian has settled into life in the South with his wife and two precious children. When he’s not saving lives, he enjoys catching up on Crossfit, House of Cards, and his favorite sports teams, the Eagles, Titans, and of course, the Orange.