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“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Almost everyone can agree that this statement rings true. Life can feel empty when you spend day-in and day-out consumed by tasks that have no passion behind them.

Unfortunately, these days of mundane, passion-less tasks are the reality for many clinicians. From documentation requirements, EHR challenges, CME needs, and trying to stay current on the newest treatments, medications, and research, it’s no surprise that 73 percent of providers like you reported feeling at least somewhat burnt out in an MGMA Stat poll conducted by the Medical Group Management Association last month.

You went to school, did the work, paid off the student loans, and pull the long hours now to do what you love, not spend precious time in front of a computer copying and pasting.

A study conducted at Lausanne University Hospital in Switzerland in 2015 concluded that clinicians spend over half of their day on the computer, with only 27 percent of their day allocated to patients. With this lack of provider/patient relationship, clinicians are left with very little time doing what they love: helping people.

The current state of a provider’s workday is having significant effects on clinicians’ mentality. A 2012 study of 5000 physicians showed that 89 percent of practicing physicians would not recommend medicine as a profession to their children or other family members.

How EvidenceCare Can Help

At EvidenceCare, we’re out to change these statistics. Our clinical decision support tool provides everything you need to spend less time in front of a computer and more time in front of what matters most: your patients. Our quickly accessible, evidence-based content is made patient-specific as you move through our protocols, giving you only the treatment answers you need at the bedside and saving you hours of scrolling through research.

Your most-used calculators and our Antibiotic Advisor are embedded directly into protocols so you can make all of your treatment decisions in one place. We can even implement our Enterprise solution in your hospital’s or clinic’s EHR, saving you more precious time.

Not to mention our patient education tools, CME tracker that gives clinicians CME credits for spending time in our tool, and the $0 price tag. Yes, really. It’s free. You can sign up today and make our tool a part of your practice!

It’s time for clinicians to spend less time in front of the computer and do what they love again.

We want you to get the passion back in your practice. At EvidenceCare, we’re here to help you love what you do.