In today’s fast paced healthcare environment, Providers have minutes, if not seconds, to make informed care decisions. Unfortunately, a lack of convenient resources results in only 20% of care decisions being evidence-based. Furthermore, each patient is unique and presents a set of challenges that can’t be solved with the information available to today.

EvidenceCare delivers the latest evidence-based guidelines in a manner that’s easy to access wherever you’re caring for your patients. Our intuitive interface walks you through a risk assessment of the patient and helps you get to the information you need quickly. Each pathway has been curated by leading experts so you can have confidence that the information presented is accurate and timely. In addition, we present data in a graphical format that is easy to share with your patient so that you both can be comfortable with the care decisions being made.

EvidenceCare is fast, convenient, and hits the mark when you need it the most.

At EvidenceCare, we provide the evidence so you can provide the care. The results?

  • Faster, more confident decision making
  • Solid foundation for shared decision making
  • Improved outcomes
  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Better adherence to hospital quality measures
  • Fewer unnecessary tests and wasted resources
  • Reduced overall cost

EvidenceCare offers all Providers access to the latest data, delivered at your patient’s bedside in a convenient dashboard. Our leading guideline experts have prepared pathways to guide Providers through the cases they see the most. In addition, we offer a comprehensive Antibiotic Guide that includes the latest Tarascon Pharmacopoeia information, GoodRX discounts for patients and more.


Like our service, our subscription plans are designed to meet your specific needs. Pick a plan that works for you!

We also have both a free and discounted subscription plan for medical students and Residents. ($99/year for a full subscription…Your price will adjust when you select your Provider Type during the sign-up process.)

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